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​Why HearingChats?

Engage Potential Patients

Our team of Chat Specialists makes sure your hearing practice never misses an opportunity to serve potential patients on your website. Hearing and audiology practices all across the country trust HearingChats to convert 40% more website visitors into new patients.

24/7 Online Chat

Before your patient coordinators get to the office in the morning, and after they leave for the evening, new patients are on your website desiring service and care from your hearing practice. With 24/7 live chat, you can collect new patients’ information and increase your monthly production.

Your Patients Demand Radical Convenience

Every patient is looking for convenience from their provider. Regardless of when your patient is “shopping around,” our team will be there to engage them in conversation and answer their questions. By reducing the barriers for new patients to interact with your hearing or audiology practice, we help make your practice more accessible and easier to contact.


HearingChats Closes the Loop

If a patient expresses interest in your products or services, our Chat Specialists will ensure the patient connects with your team as efficiently and effectively as possible using our live call transfer and advanced customer lead notifications.

US Chat Specialists

Our Chat Specialists live in the US, come into our office to work, and are accountable for their work. Say goodbye to robotic, cold conversations that destroy your practice’s reputation and leave your patients frustrated.

We’re an extension of your practice.


Step 1  |  Engage

Our Chat Specialists kindly greet each new patient on your website before they have a chance to leave.

“Their chat team is very knowledgeable and helpful with our patients. Our new patients are well informed when they come to their appointments, which reflects the quality of their chat experiences. Great service!”

Dr. Blue


Step 2  |  Serve

A professionally-trained Chat Specialist answers your new patients’ questions and collects their information 24/7 using the hearing industry’s best scripting and sales techniques perfected for practices across the world.

“Scott Hansen and his team have made scheduling new patients a breeze and even those already in treatment love the convenience of online chat.”

Dr. Lindquist


Step 3  |  Connect

We connect new patients immediately to your hearing or audiology practice by way of a warm call transfer or text/email notification.

“From the very beginning, they were friendly, open, and honest. We were able to share expectations and come up with a team approach together. They are fast to respond and easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

Dr. McNeight


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